Using the Liahona
July 2005

“Using the Liahona,” Liahona, July 2005, 1

Using the Liahona

Family Home Evening Ideas

This page can help you use the Liahona to enhance your teaching in the classroom as well as in the home.

“A Discussion on Scripture Study,” p. 8: Use some of the questions in this article to interview family members as if you were a reporter. Read Elder Henry B. Eyring’s answers. Discuss ways your family could improve personal and family scripture study.

“The Body, a Sacred Gift,” p. 16: Discuss what the author says is the worldly way of thinking about our bodies. Read aloud the last three paragraphs, and testify of the truths discussed in the article.

“Young Pioneers in Malaysia,” p. 38: Ask family members to describe a time when they felt like pioneers and to share what it means to be a pioneer in today’s world. Discuss what we can learn from the youth in Malaysia.

“Set upon a Hill,” p. F2: Invite family members to draw a picture of a temple on a hill. What do you find inspiring about temples? Share President Gordon B. Hinckley’s experience. Study Matthew 5:14–16, and ask family members to suggest ways they may be examples.

“Answered Prayers,” p. F8: Study Alma 37:37 as a family, and share experiences you have had when prayers were answered. Read aloud Elder Gerald N. Lund’s experiences with prayer. Testify of the blessings of prayer.

“Logan’s Baptism,” p. F10: Invite family members to share how they felt at their own baptism or others’ baptisms. Consider participating in the colored squares activity described in the article. Invite family members to stand on the square that represents where they think they are on the path, and discuss what they need to do to progress forward.