Church Offers Temple Information Online
July 2005

“Church Offers Temple Information Online,” Liahona, July 2005, N7

Church Offers Temple Information Online

Along with the worldwide boom in temple construction that the Church has seen in the last decade, a surge in technology has also occurred. The growth of temples and technology together has allowed the Church to fill a need through the creation of a section of the Church’s Web site devoted to temples.

By visiting www.lds.org/temples or clicking on the “Temples” link on www.lds.org, visitors may access resources that among other things explain the importance of temples, list schedules for each temple, and give locations and directions.

The “Temples” link was created in the beginning of 2002 to better fulfill three purposes:

First, the Web site allows Church members to access an official source of temple information.

Second, the site emphasizes the importance of temples within the Church as well as in the lives of its members.

Third, it assists in encouraging temple ordinance participation by providing information that is easy to access.

The site can be useful for people who want to learn more about temples or simply check the schedule of a temple they want to visit.

In addition to allowing visitors to find general information about the temples, the site offers users an opportunity to read brief background on each temple, view photos of completed temples, and even review the progress made on temples under construction by seeing photos of the temple throughout the construction process.

Visitors to the site may view a chronological list of all completed temples along with dates when the temples were dedicated. A world map allows users to click on an area of the world to see which temples have been announced or completed.

In addition to English, the site is available in Spanish, German, and Portuguese. While there are no immediate plans to expand the site into more languages, the decision depends on, in large part, the demand for it to be offered in a particular language.

Although there are no announced plans to make significant changes or additions to the site, it is updated when new information is announced or becomes available. A feedback link is also available to visitors of the site.

In addition to addressing the needs of members, the site also caters to members of other faiths who may have questions about the temple. The Frequently Asked Questions page answers questions concerning the functions of temples, what temples are like inside, the differences between temples and meetinghouses, and other questions that may be helpful to members of other faiths.