Typhoons and Trials
July 2005

“Typhoons and Trials,” Liahona, July 2005, 37

Typhoons and Trials

In our family there are only three of us, my younger brother, my mother, and me. My brother and I decided to prepare ourselves to go on missions. We had to save our money because my mom did not have any money to help us.

A lot of trials came to us. One day a typhoon in our province caused a big coconut tree to fall down on our house, and our small house was destroyed. My brother and I used the money we had saved for our missions to rebuild our house. We had to start saving our money again.

A few months later I contracted malaria. I had to go to the hospital, so my mission money had to be spent again.

Discouraged about saving for a mission, I prayed to God and fasted to overcome the trial. Then our Father in Heaven helped me, and I was able to earn the money I needed.

One of my favorite scriptures is a simple verse: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you” (3 Ne. 13:33). That verse is very encouraging to me. I have overcome trials and challenges in my life because of my faith and desire to go on a mission.

My brother and I are both serving missions now. I know God helps His children if we do His will.

  • Percival Tommy is a member of the Roxas Branch, Puerto Princesa Philippines District.