Latter-day Saint Voices: ‘You Will Be Triumphant’
February 2002

“Latter-day Saint Voices: ‘You Will Be Triumphant’” Liahona, Feb. 2002, 30–35

Latter-day Saint Voices:

“You Will Be Triumphant”

Referring to the story of David and Goliath, President Gordon B. Hinckley warns that each of us will face Goliaths in life. These giants may come in the form of the world’s growing evils, or they may be purely personal challenges and difficulties. Like David, however, we are not alone in facing the trials of mortality. God is merciful, and if we have faith in Him, as David did, He will shower us with His blessings.

Whatever we are trying to conquer, we can—as the following stories illustrate—ask for the Lord’s help. “You are a child of God,” President Hinckley writes. “You have His power within you to sustain you. You have the right to call upon God to protect you. … Stand your ground and hold your place, and you will be triumphant. As the years pass, you will look back with satisfaction upon the battles you have won in your individual lives” (see this issue, page 5).