February 2002

“Comment,” Liahona, Feb. 2002, 1


Church Growth in Russia

I live in Saratov, Russia, and have been a member of the Church for eight years. The first missionaries arrived here some nine years ago. When I was baptized with my parents in 1993, all we had was the Book of Mormon in Russian, a few missionaries for the entire city, and great faith in Jesus Christ. Today, however, we are rich in gospel blessings. We now have a district and many missionaries. Each week more people join the true Church.

We also have the Liahona (Russian). I especially enjoy the articles about Saints from all corners of the world and the messages from the First Presidency. These articles help me appreciate the beauty of the gospel. The Liahona is a faithful companion on a path that is not always easy.

Marina Paltchikova,
Saratovsky Tsentralny Branch, Saratov Russia District

Primary Leaders Appreciate Magazine

We’re writing to send you our most sincere appreciation for the Liahona (Spanish). We have noted some changes recently and have no doubt that excellence is a priority for the magazine—not just in the presentation but in the content. We have taken special note of the number of articles that say in a simple, fresh way things we often feel but which are difficult to express.

Primary presidency and teachers,
Los Laureles Ward, Ciudad Ojeda Venezuela Stake

Answers from Conference Magazines

Every month I eagerly await the arrival of the Liahona (Chinese). I know that within it is the spiritual food I need. Whether it is through an article or an illustration, I often find the personal revelation I desire.

I most love to read the January and July general conference issues. Reading them reminds me that Heavenly Father knows my current difficulties and gives me timely answers.

I also love the pictures of temples around the world. Although my family circumstances do not permit me to attend the temple, I know I will one day.

Thanks for the Liahona. It is my monthly access to the word of God.

Chen Wang Cheng-cheng,
Taichung Third Ward, Taichung Taiwan Stake