Creation Presentation: Jesus Christ’s Creations
February 2002

“Creation Presentation: Jesus Christ’s Creations,” Liahona, Feb. 2002, 8–9

Creation Presentation:

Jesus Christ’s Creations

Who made the birds that fly in the sky?

Jesus made the birds and the sky.

Who made the stars that twinkle at night?

Jesus made the stars and the night.

Who made the raindrops that fall to the earth?

Jesus made the raindrops and the earth.

Who made the trees where the apples grow?

Jesus made the trees and the apples.

Who made the oceans where the fish swim?

Jesus made the oceans and the fish.

Jesus Christ is Lord of the earth.

We praise Him and thank Him for all He does for us.


  1. Glue these two pages onto lightweight cardboard.

  2. Cut out the scenery below on the dotted lines, including the scenery window. (Save the picture of Jesus Christ for step 4.) Fold along the solid lines so the scenery will stand up.

  3. Cut out the other six pictures.

  4. Glue a flat, wooden stick to the back of each picture.

  5. As someone reads “Jesus Christ’s Creations,” hold the correct picture in the scenery window.

Creations of Jesus, left page
Creations of Jesus, right page

Illustrations by Scott Greer; The Lord Jesus Christ, by Del Parson