Presentation at the Temple

“Presentation at the Temple,” Liahona, Aug. 2000, 15

Presentation at the Temple

Jesus taken to the temple when very young

When Jesus was just a few weeks old, His parents brought Him to the temple in Jerusalem. Luke 2:21–22

Simeon was a righteous man

Simeon was a righteous man who lived in Jerusalem. The Holy Ghost told him that before he died, he would see Christ. Luke 2:25–26

He praised God when he saw Jesus

Simeon went to the temple. When he saw the child Jesus, he held Him in his arms and praised God. Luke 2:27–29

He said Jesus would bring salvation to everyone

Simeon declared that the child would bring salvation to all people. Joseph and Mary marveled at what Simeon said. Luke 2:30–33

The widow Anna

Also in the temple that day was the widow Anna. She saw Jesus, too, and knew who He was. She gave thanks for the Savior and told many people about Him. Luke 2:36–38

Illustrated by Paul Mann