I Believe in the Power of the Priesthood

“I Believe in the Power of the Priesthood,” Liahona, Aug. 2000, 30

“I Believe in the Power of the Priesthood”

My grandfather, Elizio Antônio Honório, had suffered a stroke and was very ill in a hospital in Brazil. The doctors said he had only a small chance of surviving. When I learned of this, I went to my room and asked Heavenly Father what I should do. As I knelt, I felt the presence of the Holy Ghost more powerfully than I ever had before. When I ended my prayer, I felt I should speak with my bishop, so I went to see him.

Though my grandfather is not a member of the Church, I asked the bishop to give him a priesthood blessing. I explained, “I believe in the power of the priesthood, and I believe the Lord can heal him. The Lord has prompted me to ask for this blessing.”

We went to the hospital, and the bishop gave my grandfather a blessing. The following day I visited my grandfather and found him seated on a chair conversing with one of my aunts. He was much improved.

I know this is truly the Church of Jesus Christ. I know the priesthood can bless us if we have faith in its divine power.

Detail from Christ’s Image, by Heinrich Hofmann

Illustrated by Larry Winborg