“Contents,” Liahona, Aug. 2000


August 2000

Volume 24, Number 8

On the cover: Front: Washington D.C. Temple Angel, by Avard Fairbanks; photograph © 1994 Mark Edward Atkinson. Back: Salt Lake Temple Angel, by Cyrus Dallin; photograph by Craig Dimond.

Inside back cover: The Hill Cumorah Angel, by Torlief Knaphus (photograph by Christine T. Cox); [illustration] Background: Moroni Monument, by Arnold Friberg. Torlief Knaphus was born in 1881 in Norway. He joined the Church in 1902, at age 21, and immigrated to the United States, where he created several sculptures for the Church. In 1934 the Church commissioned him to create a monument depicting the angel Moroni for the Hill Cumorah in New York. Erected in 1935, the 3.15-meter bronze statue sits atop a 59-tonne granite obelisk on the north crest of the Hill Cumorah.