Unkind Words

    “Unkind Words,” Liahona, Feb. 1998, 5

    Unkind Words

    I do not like to see people getting teased or laughed at. I feel bad for them when that happens. I know I wouldn’t like it if that happened to me.

    One day I was walking home from school with a friend. As we got to our street, a boy named Mark* was just getting off the school bus. Mark lives nearby, but he goes to a different school. He is overweight. My friend started to call him rude names, like “Chunky” and “Chubby.” Mark pretended not to hear and walked more quickly toward his house. After he was out of sight, I told my friend that calling him names was not nice. After I got home, I was still upset about it. Even though I had not called him names, I had stood by and let someone else do it.

    Early the next morning I went over to Mark’s house and apologized to him that my friend had called him names and that I had not stopped it. After I apologized to him, I felt much better inside. I hope it made him feel better, too.

    • Name has been changed.

    Illustrated by Karen Foster