Nephite Disciples

    “Nephite Disciples,” Liahona, Feb. 1998, 11

    Nephite Disciples

    The names of the 12 Nephite disciples are given in 3 Nephi 19:4 [3 Ne. 19:4]. Use this reference as well as the ones listed at the end of each question to help you answer the questions.

    1. In what year did Jesus choose the 12 Nephite disciples? (See 3 Ne. 8:5; 3 Ne. 10:18.)

    2. Which disciple has the same name as the king of Judah at the time Lehi left Jerusalem? (See 1 Ne. 1:4; 1 Ne. 2:2–3.)

    3. Which disciple is Nephi’s son? (See 3 Ne. 19:4.)

    4. There are two pairs of brothers among the Nephite disciples. Who are they? (See 3 Ne. 19:4.)

    5. What is the name of the two disciples with the same name as the Apostle Peter’s father? (See John 21:15.)

    6. Which two disciples have the same names as two Old Testament prophets? They are also names of books in the Old Testament. (See the listing of Old Testament books in the front of your Bible.)

    7. Who baptized all the Nephite disciples except Nephi? (See 3 Ne. 19:11–12.)


    • (1) A.D. 34, (2) Zedekiah, (3) Jonas, (4) Nephi and Timothy, and Mathoni and Mathonihah, (5) Jonas, (6) Jeremiah and Isaiah, (7) Nephi

    Jesus Christ and the Nephite Disciples, by Gary Kapp