“Comment,” Liahona, Feb. 1998, 1


    Joy in Serving

    President James E. Faust’s talk “What I Want My Son to Know before He Leaves on His Mission” in the July 1996 Liahona (Spanish) inspired me and has been very helpful to me in my new calling. I feel honored to be a full-time missionary. As President Faust promised, I have found indescribable joy.

    Sister Juliana Torres,
    Spain Málaga Mission

    Feeling the Spirit

    I was baptized on 20 December 1995. Before I was baptized, I read the Questions and Answers section of the Liahona (English) in the November 1995 issue, entitled “I Don’t Feel the Spirit. Is There Something Wrong with Me?” I was touched because I also hadn’t felt the Spirit during Church meetings. But after I read the readers’ answers and testimonies, I tried harder to listen to the sacrament meeting speakers and I felt the Spirit as I never had before. I now make an effort to become interested in what speakers have to say in Church meetings.

    Lorna Penuliar,
    La Trinidad Second Ward, Baguio Philippines Stake

    Strengthens Testimonies

    Reading Seito no Michi (Japanese) strengthens my testimony that Jesus Christ served us all. When I compare how I was a year ago with how I am now, I can clearly tell the difference. My insecurity has decreased, and my joy has increased. I believe that if Church members will read the Church magazines, they will have stronger testimonies.

    Kaori Furukawa,
    Ogaki Branch, Nagoya Japan West Stake

    A Light

    The Liahona (Spanish) is a light in life. At the school I attend, I cannot talk about religion, but I can share the Liahona. Thank you very much for publishing “A Legacy of Faith” in the February 1997 issue. It was great to share the experiences of the pioneers with my friends and then to invite them to church. Not all of them came, but I know that the seed is now planted for them to accept the gospel in the future.

    Cristina G. López Ghio,
    Popotlán Branch, San Salvador El Salvador Soyapango Stake