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“Comment,” Liahona, Dec. 1997, 1


A Christmas Prayer

During the Christmas season last year, I found myself praying for a lot of things for myself. But as I prayed on the night of 23 December, I felt something wonderful inside, an indescribable joy. The feeling grew as I continued my prayer. I didn’t say anything about the things I wanted. In fact, my prayer changed completely; I started praying for other people, for all those around me, and I asked Heavenly Father to forgive me for my selfishness. When I finished, I realized that an hour had gone by. I had never felt the Spirit so strongly.

From this experience, I learned that Christmas is a time to give, not to receive. I didn’t give anything material to anyone, but I later realized that my humble prayer had been answered. Almost everyone I had prayed for on that night, when my heart was overflowing with joy, received what I had asked for.

I appreciate the Liahona (Spanish); it brings the Spirit into each home it enters.

Paula Carolina Maira,
San Miguel Ward, Mendoza Argentina Stake

Enjoying Christmas

Thank you so much for “Papa’s Song” in the December 1996 issue. As I read it I let my tears flow because that story really touched my heart. It made me realize how important it is to savor every Christmas moment we have with our families.

As I read that story, I closed my eyes and imagined my last night in heaven. Like the girl’s father in the story, my Heavenly Father was rocking me in his arms and the angels were singing the song in the story. I read that story almost every night, and it makes me remember how important it is to do the right things so I can someday be back in my Heavenly Father’s presence.

Elizabeth Padilla,
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

A Worldwide Family

For a few years now we have been receiving the Liahona in Russian. This remarkable magazine contains information about the enormous, worldwide family of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I have been a member of the Church for six years. There have been difficult moments in my life when I have suddenly remembered a circumstance from the life of someone I read about in an issue of the magazine. At these times, I feel relief and joy at being a member of the Church and gratitude for other Church members. The magazine helps me to grow, notwithstanding many difficulties.

Nikolai Aparin,
Yuzhny Posiolok Branch, Vyborg Russia District

A Blessing of Spiritual Growth

I am a native of Ivory Coast, and I am serving a mission in my country. Each issue of L‘Etoile (French) is a blessing of spiritual growth. I appreciate the messages from the First Presidency and the poignant testimonies from brothers and sisters in distant lands. These articles help me increase my own testimony so that I can have unshakable faith. I invite everyone to be faithful in reading this wonderful magazine.

Elder Bekoin Samson,
Ivory Coast Abidjan Mission