A Witness for Jesus Christ
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“A Witness for Jesus Christ,” Liahona, Dec. 1997, 17

A Witness for Jesus Christ

As a Latter-day Saint, you have the responsibility to stand as a witness for Christ “at all times and in all things, and in all places that ye may be in” (Mosiah 18:9). That means keeping high standards and being an example to others wherever you go and whatever you do. Walking the path Jesus walked may be difficult, but it’s not impossible. If you’re successful, others may follow. These suggestions should help you concentrate your efforts.


  • When you’re faced with a tough situation or just wondering how to act, ask yourself, What would Jesus have me do? Then act on the answer.

  • Stand up for your beliefs, even if they seem unpopular. This might mean going home early or even refusing to go to some parties, but the right people will respect you for it. It may also give you a few unexpected missionary opportunities.

  • Share the gospel whenever you have the chance. As you look for the right opportunity, pray for guidance. The Holy Ghost will tell you when the time is right.

  • Invite friends to Young Men or Young Women activities, Church meetings, and family home evenings. Remember to be a thoughtful and attentive host or hostess.

  • Practice what you preach. In other words, live the gospel. After all, the best way to be a witness for Christ is to be Christlike.

  • Give service willingly, cheerfully, and frequently. Service can be as simple as opening a door or running an errand. Don’t wait to be asked.

  • Read and study the scriptures daily, even if just for a few minutes. If you have trouble remembering, leave yourself a reminder where you’re sure to see it. You’ll be more likely to have the Spirit with you, and you’ll find it easier to keep your standards. You’ll also be more prepared when friends ask you questions.

  • Obey the Word of Wisdom. If friends ask why, don’t make excuses. Instead, take the chance to explain what you believe.

  • Keep your language clean. Vulgarity and profanity tend to drown out anything else you say, and they never help others think good thoughts.

  • Keep the Sabbath day holy. Above all, go to church and avoid work and recreational activities.

  • Bear your testimony when you feel prompted to, whether in church or in a quiet moment with a friend. A testimony doesn’t always have to be expressed in a formal way or to end with amen.

  • Go the extra mile when serving people. Few things will make you feel better about yourself and your actions.

  • If you have a Church calling, do your best to fulfill your calling, and do it happily, whatever it is. It may not seem important, but it’s service just the same. Someone is depending on you.


  • Be happy. Bad things happen, but you can still have a positive outlook. Look for the good in all situations. If you’re cheerful and optimistic, those around you will seek to be as motivated as you.

  • Be a good friend and neighbor. Be loyal, trustworthy, encouraging, and sympathetic to those around you. Be the friend you think the Savior would have you be.

  • When you’re discussing the gospel with friends, be bold but not overbearing.

  • Don’t act ashamed of your beliefs or worry what others are thinking (see Rom. 1:16). Let your light shine! If someone asks you about the Church, speak with confidence and don’t apologize.

  • Be a good sport in any game you play. If you’re losing, don’t worry. If you’re winning, don’t boast.

  • If others offend you, turn the other cheek. Calm down, forgive them, and try to do something nice in return. The results may amaze you.

  • Be honest. Make up your mind beforehand to tell the truth, no matter what the circumstances.

  • Be humble about your accomplishments, your clothes, your grades, your friends, and anything else you might be inclined to brag about. Instead of looking for compliments, try giving them. You’ll be helping others feel better about themselves.

  • Be reverent, in and out of church. On Sunday, listen quietly to the speakers and teachers. In other situations, keep laughter and joking under control.


  • Dress modestly and neatly. Look like a witness for Christ.

  • Always practice good grooming habits.

  • Look your best for Church meetings and activities.

  • Stay alert. Pay attention in meetings and when others are speaking.

  • Avoid the appearance of evil.

  • Last but not least, smile! It’s contagious.

Detail from The Christus, by Bertel Thorvaldsen

Photography by Maren E. Mecham