Christmas Quiz
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“Christmas Quiz,” Liahona, Dec. 1997, 12

Christmas Quiz

Read Matthew 1:18–2:23 [Matt. 1:18–2:23] and Luke 2:1–20; then see if you can answer all the questions correctly. Be careful—some of them are tricky!

1. How many Wise Men followed the star?

  1. Three

  2. One named Melchior; the others are legendary

  3. Unknown—the Bible doesn’t tell us

2. Who sent the Wise Men to Bethlehem?

  1. An angel of the Lord

  2. King Herod

  3. No one—they saw the star and followed it

3. Where did the Wise Men find Jesus and Mary?

  1. In a house

  2. In a stable

  3. Neither of the above

4. How were the Wise Men warned that they should not go back to Herod after they saw the infant Jesus?

  1. In a dream

  2. By Joseph

  3. By the shepherds

5. Who decreed that the people must pay a tax?

  1. King Herod

  2. Caesar Augustus

  3. Cyrenius

6. Where did the angel tell the shepherds they would find the Baby Jesus?

  1. In Bethlehem

  2. In a manger

  3. In a house

7. What is another name for the city of David?

  1. Nazareth

  2. Jerusalem

  3. Bethlehem

8. What does Emmanuel mean?

  1. “King”

  2. “God with us”

  3. “Prophet”

9. Who told Joseph to take his family to Egypt?

  1. The Wise Men

  2. King Herod

  3. An angel of the Lord

10. When they returned from Egypt, where did Joseph, Mary, and Jesus live?

  1. Jerusalem

  2. Bethlehem

  3. Nazareth

Answers to Christmas Quiz:

  • (1) c, (2) b, (3) a, (4) a, (5) b, (6) b, (7) c, (8) b, (9) c, (10) c

Illustrated by Phyllis Luch