“Comment,” Liahona, Oct. 1996, 1


Wonderful Tool

I have been a member of the Church for 38 years and enjoy receiving Der Stern (German) each month. I use this wonderful tool to prepare for my home teaching visits. I study the message of the First Presidency carefully and adapt the topics to the families I have been assigned. When I visit, I take an additional article for the children and teach them the gospel with activities corresponding to their ages.

Der Stern is also a useful tool in missionary work. I give the Kinderstern (children’s section) to the little children who come into my shoe repair shop. This helps expose their families to the Church.

Reading Der Stern each month helps to strengthen our testimonies so that we can invite our friends to come to Christ.

Kurt Brunner,
Aarau Branch, Bern Switzerland Stake

Chosen By the Lord

As I read President Gordon B. Hinckley’s general conference address “This Is the Work of the Master” in the July 1995 issue, I felt of his love for each one of us. I knew that he had been chosen by the Lord to lead the kingdom of God on earth.

The Liahona (Spanish) is a friend, counselor, teacher, and missionary. It keeps us in contact with Church leadership and with our brothers and sisters around the world. To read the magazine each month is like receiving a blessing from the Lord.

Lidia Valverde,
Bolívar Ward, Lima Peru Magdalena Stake

Help in Scripture Study

After I was baptized a member of the Church, my desire to study the scriptures grew stronger. I wanted to learn more about the life and teachings of our Savior, but many passages in the scriptures were difficult for me to understand. Luckily, I read two articles in the February 1996 Liahona (English), “The Experiment” and “Ideas for Effective Scripture Study.” I decided to apply the steps in these articles and soon found them very useful.

Thank you very much for these ideas. They really helped me make time to study the scriptures and to read them with patience and faith.

Racquel L. Maragay,
Sorsogon Second Branch, Sorsogon Philippines District


Before I became a member of the Church, the magazines that I read did not teach me as the Liahona (Spanish) does now. I receive the magazine on the first Sunday of each month and read it all the way through in one day. I wish we could get this special publication more frequently.

To get to school, I travel for an hour and a half on the bus, and I am never without my Liahona in my backpack. I even use it to introduce the gospel to other people.

I feel blessed to have a subscription to the Liahona each year and to be instructed by the Lord through reading it.

Lidia Araceli Soto Terrazas,
Miramar Ward, Guaymas Mexico Stake