The Signs of Christ’s Crucifixion

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“The Signs of Christ’s Crucifixion,” Liahona, Oct. 1996, 14

The Signs of Christ’s Crucifixion

Thirty three years after birth of Christ

Thirty-three years passed after the people saw the signs of Jesus Christ’s birth. 3 Ne. 8:2

People watched for days of darkness

They watched for the sign of his death—three days of darkness—that Samuel the Lamanite had told them would come. 3 Ne. 8:3

Some did not believe

Some did not believe that the sign would come. They argued with those who believed. 3 Ne. 8:4

A great storm

One day there came a great storm. There was a terrible wind. 3 Ne. 8:5–6

Lightning and thunder

Lightning flashed, and thunder shook the whole earth. 3 Ne. 8:6–7

Many cities destroyed

The city of Zarahemla caught fire. The city of Moroni sank into the sea. The city of Moronihah was buried. 3 Ne. 8:8–10

Many people killed

Highways were broken up, and buildings crumbled. Many cities were destroyed, and many people were killed. 3 Ne. 8:13–15

Storm lasted three hours

The storm and the earthquake lasted about three hours. 3 Ne. 8:19

Darkness covered the land

When the storm and earthquake stopped, thick darkness covered the land. There was no light anywhere. The people could even feel the darkness. 3 Ne. 8:20

Total darkness for three days

For three days there was total darkness. Candles would not burn. The people could not see the sun, moon, or stars. 3 Ne. 8:21–23

People wished they had repented

The people cried because of the darkness, destruction, and death. They were sorry that they had not repented of their sins. 3 Ne. 8:23–25

They heard a voice

Out of the darkness came a voice that said, “Behold, I am Jesus Christ the Son of God.” 3 Ne. 9:1, 15

Jesus told of the destruction of the wicked

Jesus told of the terrible destruction in the land. He said that the wickedest people had been killed. 3 Ne. 9:12–13

Those remaining needed to repent

He said that those who had not been killed still needed to repent and that if they did and came unto him, he would bless them. 3 Ne. 9:13–14

Silence in the land

The people were so amazed that they stopped crying. There was silence in the land for many hours. 3 Ne. 10:1–2

Jesus spoke again

Jesus spoke again, saying that he had often tried to help them and that if they would repent, they could still return to him. 3 Ne. 10:3–6

The darkness left

At the end of three days, the darkness left and the earth stopped shaking. The people stopped crying and joyfully thanked the Savior. 3 Ne. 10:9–10

Illustrated by Jerry Thompson