Church Words and Phrases

“Church Words and Phrases,” Liahona, Oct. 1996, 8

Church Words and Phrases

Directions: A neutral scorekeeper reads the definitions alternately to two teams equal in number. If the team receiving the definition gives the correct answer, it receives two points; if it does not give the correct answer, the other team may get one point for the correct answer before receiving the next definition.

  1. I am the most sacred place on earth, and I hope that you come to me when you get married. What am I? (Answer: A temple)

  2. I am the word of God, written by holy men in ancient times as well as in this dispensation. What am I? (Answer: The scriptures)

  3. I am a meeting, usually held on the first Sunday of each month, in which members share their testimonies of the gospel. What am I? (Answer: Fast and testimony meeting)

  4. I am a solemn agreement between you and Heavenly Father. If you keep your part of the agreement, you are guaranteed that Heavenly Father will keep his. What am I? (Answer: A covenant)

  5. I am symbolic of the sacrifice Jesus made for us. When you partake of me on Sunday, you renew the covenants you made when you were baptized. What am I? (Answer: The sacrament)

  6. I am a sacred ordinance that must be performed by a man with the proper authority when you become a member of the Church. What am I? (Answer: Baptism)

  7. I am the power and authority of God. Worthy young men may receive me when they turn 12 years old. What am I? (Answer: The [Aaronic] priesthood)

  8. I am a Church organization that helps teach children the gospel. What am I? (Answer: Primary)

  9. I teach the gospel, especially to nonmembers. Although not every member is one full-time, President David O. McKay said that every member should be one. What am I? (Answer: A missionary)

  10. I was written when Joseph Smith was asked what Church members believed. I have 13 parts; you should memorize me before you advance from Primary. What am I? (Answer: The Articles of Faith)

  11. As President of the Church, I speak for God to all the world. What am I? (Answer: A prophet)

  12. I am a special health code revealed to Joseph Smith. If you follow my advice, you “shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge” (D&C 89:19). What am I? (Answer: The Word of Wisdom)

  13. My two counselors and I preside over the ward (or branch). You come to me for interviews and tithing settlement. What am I? (Answer: A bishop or branch president)

  14. I am given to you when you are confirmed a member of the Church. As long as you try your best to choose the right, I will be your constant companion. What am I? (Answer:The [gift of the] Holy Ghost)

  15. I am one of 12 special witnesses of Jesus Christ. You can hear me speak at general conferences. What am I? (Answer: An Apostle, or a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles)

  16. I am the 10 percent of your income that you give to a member of the bishopric to help build new meetinghouses and temples and to help run the Church. What am I? (Answer: Tithing

  17. I am a blessing given to you by a man in your stake who was called for just this purpose. One important thing that I tell you is your lineage in the house of Israel. What am I? (Answer: A patriarchal blessing)

  18. I am an inner knowledge that Jesus is the Christ and that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. What am I? (Answer: A testimony)

  19. I am a group of members presided over by a bishop or a branch president and his two counselors. What am I? (Answer: A ward or branch)

  20. I am a group of wards or branches presided over by a president and his two counselors. What am I? (Answer: A stake or district)

  21. I am the weekly meeting when family members study the gospel, serve, and have fun together. What am I? (Answer: Family home evening)

  22. I am the event that took place when Joseph Smith first prayed in the Sacred Grove. What am I? (Answer: The First Vision)

  23. I am food, clothing, and other important things that the prophet has counseled us to gather and store. What am I? (Answer: A year’s supply)

  24. I am the words or thoughts you use when you talk to Heavenly Father. What am I? (Answer: A prayer)

Illustrated By Lori Anderson Wing