September 1996

“Contents,” Liahona, Sept. 1996


September 1996

Volume 20, Number 9

On the cover: Vision of the Tree of Life, 1983, by Robin Luch Griego, West Valley, Utah, United States; art glass and lead (167 x 121 x 31 cm). The brilliant colors of a living tree contrast with the gray colors of a dreary and dark world in this representation of Book of Mormon prophet Lehi’s vision. Beneath the tree, Lehi shares some of the tree’s fruit with his wife, Sariah. In the background, three women, representing the children of God, cling to the iron rod as they strive to reach the tree. See “Tree of Life,” page 34. (Photograph by Ronald Read, Museum of Church History and Art.)

Back cover: Lehi’s Dream, 1995, by Lourdes Samson, Bataan, Philippines; thread on fabric (114 x 76 cm). Lehi and Nephi are seen with the “Spirit of the Lord” (see 1 Ne. 8:5–6; 1 Ne. 11:11). (Photograph by R. T. Clark, Museum of Church History and Art.)

Inside back cover: Lehi’s Vision of the Tree of Life, 1987, by Steven Lloyd Neal, Pendleton, Oregon, United States; oil on board (243 x 121 cm). Drawing upon elements of world culture and from his own experiences, including those as a full-time missionary in Japan, the artist emphasizes the universal quest for the tree of life. The painting is peopled with his own family and friends. See other representations of Lehi’s vision in “Tree of Life,” page 34.