September 1996

“Comment,” Liahona, Sept. 1996, 1


My Favorite Reading

In addition to the scriptures, we are blessed to have the Church magazines, in which we receive the counsel of the Brethren and share in the testimonies of our brothers and sisters.

My favorite reading in the magazine is the First Presidency Message, a constant reminder to be righteous Latter-day Saints. By following such teachings, we can shun the enticements of Satan, avoid worldly stain, and be worthy to return to our Heavenly Father.

Hsu, Hui-wen,
Macau Branch, Hong Kong Kowloon West Stake

Serving the Lord

The November 1995 First Presidency Message by President James E. Faust, “Serving the Lord and Resisting the Devil,” is inspired.

As President Faust says, if we dedicate our lives to serving the Lord, we can much better serve ourselves and others.

Daniela Martins Alves Pereira,
Tubarão, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Missionary Magazine

I’m serving in the Venezuela Barcelona Mission, and I find that the articles in the Liahona (Spanish) help my companion and me teach investigators. For example, a young mother listening to the discussion on the restoration of the gospel bore testimony that President Gordon B. Hinckley is a prophet of God. She said this testimony came to her as she read a First Presidency Message by President Hinckley in the Liahona.

Sister Lenna Chirino,
Venezuela Barcelona Mission

A Handkerchief in My Hand

The articles in Seito no Michi (Japanese) so move me and touch my heart that I cannot read the magazine without having a handkerchief in my hand to dry my tears.

Masaru Fukuoka,
Ogaki Branch, Nagoya Japan West Stake

Many Blessings

As I read the October 1995 article “When You Wish,” a wonderful feeling came into my heart. I felt so grateful to writer Geri Christensen for sharing her experiences and for reminding me of my many blessings.

Ana Eluvia Lima Orellana,
Quinta Samoyoa Ward, Guatemala City Utatlán Stake