Tangram Puzzle

    “Tangram Puzzle,” Tambuli, Sept. 1990, 11

    Tangram Puzzle

    Tangram is a game based on an ancient Chinese puzzle called Chihuipan (Wisdom Board). Legend tells of a man named Tan who dropped a tile on the floor. The tile broke into seven pieces. As he struggled to put it back together, his imagination led him to see many figures take form—animals, people, buildings, and other things. Word of the game quickly spread throughout the land, and it became popular.


    Trace pattern onto light-weight cardboard; cut apart.

    Tangram Puzzle


    Arrange pieces to match pictures shown. After you have constructed all pictures shown, create your own pictures. All seven puzzle pieces must be used for each picture, and no pieces may overlap.

    North American Indian; Bird; Whale; Camel; Duck; Rooster; Fish