“Contents,” Tambuli, Sept. 1990


    September 1990

    Volume 14, Number 9

    On the cover: A silhouette of a camel caravan superimposed on carvings anciently created for one of the temples at Karnak, Egypt. See “Bible Lands,” page 34. (Photography by William Floyd Holdman.)

    Inside back cover: Mount Sinai and the Plain of the Golden Calf. Tradition has it that the Israelites encamped here in this desolate country while Moses went up into the mountain to commune with the Lord. In his absence, the people turned to idolatry and had Aaron make them a golden calf to worship. (Photography by Richard Cleave. Used by permission.)

    Back cover: Ancient Petra, located in Jordan about eighty kilometers south of the Dead Sea, can trace its history back to Old Testament times. Over the years, buildings and homes have been carved into the red sandstone cliffs including the beautiful Treasury with its fifteen-meter tall Corinthian columns. (Photography by William Floyd Holdman.)

    The three pyramids at Giza, Egypt, were built about 2,700 years before the birth of the Savior. The largest, Cheops, is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. See “Bible Lands,” page 34. (Photography by Richard Cleave.)