“Comment,” Tambuli, Sept. 1990, 1


    Very Impressed

    We are a missionary couple serving in Argentina. We are very impressed with the translation of the General Conference talks in the Liahona (Spanish) for January. We enjoy all the issues of the Liahona. We commend you on the great work you are doing.

    Elder and Sister Craig Mayfield
    Argentina Buenos Aries Norte Mission


    As a boy, I was baptized with my family in 1971. For years we were very active as a family in Church. Then, little by little, we stopped attending meetings. My family began to have many problems that resulted in my parents’ separation.

    After a long period of time I began to attend church again. One of my friends from seminary days had found me and encouraged me back into activity. I began to read the scriptures and Church books—especially the Liahona (Spanish)—and I developed the desire to serve a mission.

    As part of my mission preparation I read the Book of Mormon all the way through. This special book of scripture became my constant companion and was a great help to me.

    I am now serving a mission and I love the work. My parents are back together and my younger brother and sister are planning to go on missions. The trials still keep coming, but with the gospel we can overcome them.

    Based on my own experience, I would encourage all of the young men of the Church to prepare now for a mission. One of the best ways to prepare is to read the Book of Mormon and the Church magazine. Do not hesitate to accept a mission call. You will never regret it.

    Elder E. Jorge Luis Leon
    Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission