A Gospel Quiz

    “A Gospel Quiz,” Tambuli, Mar. 1990, 7

    A Gospel Quiz

    Read the clues, then supply the missing word(s) about missionary work or the gospel or the Book of Mormon.

    1. A great Book of Mormon missionary who preached to King Noah was __________.

    2. People who accept the gospel are __________ by immersion into the Church.

    3. The Church was organized by Jesus __________.

    4. The missionary lessons are called __________.

    5. The priesthood title of male missionaries is __________.

    6. The place where baptisms usually occur is in a __________.

    7. Three separate beings—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost—are called the __________.

    8. The testifier to the truth of a missionary message is the __________ Ghost.

    9. The correct method of baptism is by __________.

    10. The man who baptized Jesus was __________ the Baptist.

    11. The prophets hold all the __________ of the priesthood.

    12. The place where new missionaries are trained is the __________ Training Center.

    13. The two major peoples in the Book of Mormon are the Lamanites and the __________.

    14. We are all encouraged to __________ the commandments.

    15. A way to talk to Heavenly Father is through __________.

    16. New members soon learn that priesthood groups are divided into __________.

    17. Before baptism, prospective members need to __________ of their sins.

    18. We renew our baptismal covenants each time we partake of the __________.

    19. A knowledge that the gospel is true is called a __________.

    20. Missionaries teach that the Book of Mormon was translated by Joseph Smith using the __________ and Thummim.

    21. Lehi had a __________ of the tree of life.

    22. Missionaries explain the necessity of obeying the law of health called the Word of __________.

    23. President __________, the second President of the Church, sent missionaries and colonists throughout western United States.

    24. 24. “__________ (the New Jerusalem) will be built upon the American continent” (tenth article of faith).