March 1990

“Comment,” Tambuli, Mar. 1990, 1


The Will of the Lord

I believe the Liahona (Spanish) guides, orients, motives, encourages, inspires, and instills in us feelings of kindness, fraternity, and love. At times, tears roll down my cheeks when I read the biographies of our brothers and sisters here and in other parts of the world.

The Liahona brings to my home the voice and will of the Lord through the First Presidency Message. That monthly message tells me what the Lord wants of me and my family today. It also warns and alerts me of the worldly dangers we are exposed to. But following the Brethren’s wise and timely counsel brings inner tranquility, peace and strength.

The magazine is a favorite with our children. They are entertained by it, and they learn eternal principles from it. Even though they leave the magazine wrinkled or marked, I am happy because it means that they are using it and they are absorbing its message.

We use the magazine in our family home evenings, and comment on, and enjoy articles outlining the expansion of the gospel throughout the world.

To my family the Liahona is a great work that, along with the scriptures and my patriarchal blessing, is like the iron rod that will guide us to the Tree of Life. It tells us where to walk and progress more securely.

This is my testimony of the magazine, and that of my beloved wife and my six beautiful children.

Carlos Velasquez Solis
Vista Hermosa Ward, Santiago Chile Cinco de Abril Stake

Visiting Teaching

I am glad of this opportunity to tell you what I think of Nordstjarnan (Swedish) since it has been a great help for me, in my family and in my callings in the Church.

I am very grateful for the messages from the First Presidency, and for all those articles on various subjects like marriage and family relations. But I am especially thankful for the Visiting Teaching Message. It has had a great impact on my own performance as a visiting teacher, and I know that many other sisters feel the same. Having been a Relief Society president for many years, I really appreciate the efforts being made to upgrade the standard of teaching in the Church and in the homes.

The First Presidency Message has strengthened my testimony, and because those messages are scripture, I do my best to follow all the admonitions I find there.

Another thing that is very good about the magazine is the fact that the general conference reports are published so soon after conference.

Gertie Ullstrom
Sunday School Teacher

The Saint’s Friend

I’ve been reading the Songdo Wi Bot (Saints’ Friend in Korean) for thirteen years, and, without trying to sound sensational, I believe the magazine is the world’s most interesting publication. Even though we’re separated by large distances and live in different environments, reading of our common experiences as Latter-day Saints binds us together.

I would like to read more about the General Authorities. It’s only through the pages of the magazine that we can get to know them.

Lee, In Sun
Hwa Gok Ward, Seoul Korea Kang Seo Stake

Unique Message

As an artist and a Church member since 1955, I admire the grand rising of your “star” [De Ster in Dutch]. It now competes with the best periodicals, besides outstripping them all by its unique message. Congratulations on the quality of illustrators—please print their names more clearly—we’re interested!

A suggestion: Please include a wider range in color reproductions from the great masters. The works of Danish master Carl Bloch are splendid, but I’d also like to see works by Rembrandt, Rafael, Van Dijk, and Delacroix.

Nora Jansen-Meyer
Waddinxveen, The Netherlands