Lehi Warns the People

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“Lehi Warns the People,” Tambuli, Feb. 1990, 2

Lehi Warns the People

People in Jerusalem wicked

Most of the people living in Jerusalem were wicked. God sent prophets to tell them to repent, but they did not want to change. They hated the prophets. (1 Ne. 1:1–4)

Lehi wanted the people to repent

Lehi believed the prophets. He prayed that the people would change and repent. (1 Ne. 1:5)

He saw a vision

Lehi had a vision. In his mind he saw God surrounded by many angels. The angels were singing and praising God. (1 Ne. 1:7–8)

He sees a book about the future

In his vision, Lehi was given a book that told what would happen in the future. He read that Jerusalem would be destroyed because the people were wicked. (1 Ne. 1:9–13)

The people were angry with him

Lehi told the people that Jerusalem would be destroyed. He told of the coming of Jesus. The people were angry and tried to kill Lehi, but the Lord protected him. (1 Ne. 1:18–20)

Illustrated by Jerry Thompson