Lehi Leaves Jerusalem

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“Lehi Leaves Jerusalem,” Tambuli, Feb. 1990, 3

Lehi Leaves Jerusalem

Lehi leaves Jerusalem

The Lord was pleased with Lehi and spoke to him in a dream. He told Lehi to take his family and leave Jerusalem. Lehi obeyed the Lord. (1 Ne. 2:1–3)

They travel in the wilderness

Lehi’s family packed food and tents. They left their house and their gold and silver in Jerusalem and traveled into the wilderness. (1 Ne. 2:4)

Sariah and four sons

Lehi’s wife’s name was Sariah. They had four sons, named Laman, Lemuel, Sam, and Nephi. (1 Ne. 2:5)

They camp near a river

After three days, they camped in their tents near a river. (1 Ne. 2:6)

Lehi thanks God for protecting his family

Lehi built an altar of stones and made an offering to God. He prayed and thanked God for saving his family from destruction. (1 Ne. 2:7)

He tells Laman and Lemuel to be faithful

Lehi told Laman and Lemuel that he wanted them to be faithful in keeping God’s commandments. (1 Ne. 2:8–10)

Laman and Lemuel think Lehi is foolish

Laman and Lemuel thought that their father was foolish for leaving Jerusalem and their riches. They did not believe that Jerusalem would be destroyed. (1 Ne. 2:11–13)

Nephi believes Lehi

Nephi wanted to believe Lehi. He prayed to know if his father was doing the right thing by leaving Jerusalem. (1 Ne. 2:16)

Jesus visitied Nephi

Jesus Christ visited Nephi and told him that Lehi’s words were true. Nephi believed and did not rebel as Laman and Lemuel did. (1 Ne. 2:16)

Only Sam believes Nephi

Nephi told his brothers what Jesus had made known to him. Sam believed Nephi, but Laman and Lemuel would not believe. (1 Ne. 2:17–18)

The Lord says Nephi will be a leader

The Lord promised Nephi that because of his faith he would be blessed. He would become a leader over his brothers. (1 Ne. 2:19–22)

Illustrated by Jerry Thompson