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“Comment,” Tambuli, Feb. 1990, 1


Editorial Note

You should notice a few changes in this Filipino edition of the Church’s International Magazines. We have listened to comments from the field and have been able to simplify and standardize the format of the magazine so it will be much easier to produce at the various printing centers around the world.

We are also increasing the children’s section by eight pages and adding color on sixteen existing pages. Eight of those color pages will be in the children’s section; the other eight will be spread throughout the magazine. Color will also be available inside the front and back covers.

We are working on shorter schedules and hope to make the magazine more timely in the future. Right now it takes one year from the time we finish a manuscript until the magazine is published.

We are also printing letters to the editor and anticipate starting other new departments that feature our worldwide audience. We appreciate our loyal readers and invite you to be active participants by sending your letters, articles, and stories to us. (Please include your full name, address, ward and stake.) Our prayer is that we may strengthen each other as we work together in the cause of our Master.

Faithfully your servants,
The Staff

A Real Joy

Thank you for the excellent quality of the Liahona (Spanish). It is a real joy to the members, missionaries, and investigators here in Colombia, as well as a great missionary tool.

President Bruce F. Carter
President of the Colombia-Bogota Mission

Inspired Magazine

I appreciate the A Liahona (Portuguese) very much. There is always an article that helps me face my trials better.

In addition, I enjoy reading about the true experiences and accounts of members the world over; and things that the families may do together to promote closer relationships.

I am very grateful for A Liahona in my country. I know that it indeed is an inspired magazine. I am also grateful for having it in my home, and for being able to share its teachings with my friends.

Rosana Cardoso Gaertner

Finds a Solution

It has been my experience that whenever I’m troubled by a particular problem, the next month’s issue of Songdo Wi Bot (Saint’s Friend in Korean) features an article that provides a solution. These experiences always surprise me, and fill me with gratitude.

From the time I first started reading Songdo Wi Bot I realized its value and importance as I read the counsel and words of love of a living prophet. And I could read true-to-life testimonies, and I could learn more concrete principles. Perhaps it could be said that the scriptures provide the theory of righteous living, and Songdo Wi Bot gives me the courage to apply the theory.

Now as I wait for next month’s issue of the magazine, I’ll read again the words of the prophet that were featured in this month’s issue.

Yune, Kyoung Joo
Nosyangjin Ward, Seoul West Stake

Two Subscriptions

I think De Ster (Dutch) is a very valuable magazine. I enjoy reading articles about members of the Church. Sometimes their stories bring a smile to my lips, and sometimes tears to my eyes.

I especially enjoy the conference issues of the magazine. It gives me the opportunity to feast upon the words of the prophets. Their words help us become true followers of the Lord. I do love the prophet and the other General Authorities. And how should I know them were it not for De Ster!

That’s why we have two subscriptions in our home—one for me and my wife, and the other for the children.

Cees van Impelen
Vianen, The Netherlands