The Sower
March 2023

“The Sower,” For the Strength of Youth, Mar. 2023.

The Savior’s Parables

The Sower

Matthew 13:3–9, 18–23; Mark 4:3–9, 14–20; Luke 8:4–8, 11–15


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The Savior and His servants


The word of God

Spread to different types of ground

Preached to people with different levels of preparation for the word.


Hard heart, unprepared, no desire for righteousness

Fowls devoured seeds

Devil takes away the word from their heart.

Stony ground

No root in the gospel, no conversion

Sprung up, were scorched, withered

Tribulation and persecution quickly turn them from the word.


Cares of the world, deceitfulness of riches

Were choked

Worldly things choke out the gospel and its effects.

Good ground

Honest and good heart, converted

Brought forth fruit

They receive the gospel, live it, and strive for deeper conversion.