How can I better help my friends who are not active in the Church strengthen their testimonies?
March 2023

“How can I help my friends who are not active in the Church strengthen their testimony?,” For the Strength of Youth, Mar. 2023.

Questions and Answers

“How can I help my friends who are not active in the Church strengthen their testimony?”

Be a Blessing to Others

young woman

“When I try to help a friend strengthen his personal testimony, I try to be a blessing and support in his life. I try to be an example and show him that the gospel of Christ can strengthen his friendships and family relationships if he strives to be obedient and righteous. I like to help him feel loved.”

Selina O., 19, Bolivia

Always Invite

“You can teach your friends about the love and mercy of Jesus Christ and how He can help them. Invite them to go to church and attend the youth classes with you. This can help them to develop a strong testimony of Jesus Christ.”

Shara R., 12, Colombia

Be Their Friend First

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“I always try to be inclusive and make sure my friends know that I am thinking of them. I know I can be a light for them as I maintain our friendship and love. I can invite my friends to Church activities, but I’m always their true friend first. Your friends will strengthen their testimonies as they see your loving example and supportive friendship.”

Mia D., 19, Florida, USA

Christ Will Help You

“It can be tough having less-active friends, but I like to invite my friends to a fun youth activity or to church when I’m giving a talk. If they show interest, I give them a Book of Mormon with my testimony and highlighted verses that stand out to me. Remember, Christ will help you in any situation.”

Elizabeth B., 15, Florida, USA

Just Be Kind

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“I asked my seminary teacher this question. He said, ‘Just be kind, Jordan. You’re already doing the right thing.’ Initially, I thought, ‘Just being kind isn’t enough.’ But then I thought about my friend who needed my friendship and example. The Spirit helped me to be kind and know what to say. Now, she wants to be baptized someday!”

Jordan S., 17, Utah, USA