Come unto Him
March 2023

“Come unto Him,” For the Strength of Youth, Mar. 2023.

Line upon Line

Come unto Him

The Savior invites us to lay our burdens upon Him.

Jesus Christ

Illustration by Annie Henrie Nader

Come unto me

We can come unto the Savior by learning His gospel, having faith in Him, repenting, making and keeping covenants, and following His example.

labour … heavy laden

Physical labor and physical burdens can wear us out, but so can mental, emotional, and spiritual ones. The Savior offers us His peace, no matter what kinds of burdens we may carry.


A yoke is a tool for harnessing two animals together so that they can drag a load together, such as a plow or a wagon. The yoke usually has a wooden beam resting on the shoulder hump of each animal, distributing the weight.


We can learn of Jesus Christ by studying His teachings and His example—and by trying to follow them.


The Savior’s rest is His peace, which calms our minds and spirits. He helps us overcome worldly worries and gives us spiritual strength when we feel weak.

easy … light

Taking the Savior’s yoke upon us means binding ourselves to Him through covenants. It means giving our hearts to Him and His work. When we do this, our burdens feel lighter because He is helping us.