What should I do if I’ve repented but can’t stop thinking about what I did wrong?
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“What should I do if I’ve repented but can’t stop thinking about what I did wrong?” For the Strength of Youth, Oct. 2021.

Questions and Answers

“What should I do if I’ve repented but can’t stop thinking about what I did wrong?”

Recognize Your Improvement

Heavenly Father does not expect us to be perfect yet, so I use my mistakes as learning experiences. Satan tries to bring us down by overwhelming us with guilt, but he doesn’t have any other power besides that. Now that I know that, I try to see how I am improving instead of focusing on my sins.

Luke M., 14, Utah, USA

Forgive Yourself

When you forgive yourself, you will feel the love that the Savior has for you, because He has already forgiven you. Satan wants to put discouraging thoughts in your head, but you are stronger. Those thoughts don’t come from Heavenly Father, so tell them to get out!

Camila A., 18, Dominican Republic

Uplifting Music

I like to listen to inspirational songs to help uplift and encourage me. When I pray to Heavenly Father to ask for His help, and then put on some uplifting music, I feel the Spirit really strongly and it helps me move on.

Elma P., 18, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Peace in the Scriptures

If you feel like you’ve already repented, search for peace in the scriptures. The words of the Lord were given to us so we could feel peace in our lives. If you pray to have the Holy Ghost with you as you read, He will guide you.

Emma M., 19, Spain

Remembering Can Help

In Alma 36:17–19, the prophet Alma described remembering his sins, but that only made him more excited about how much he’d changed and improved. Like Alma, remembering our past mistakes helps us not to fall into them again.

Júlia M., 18, Bahia, Brazil

God Remembers Our Sins No More

The scriptures tell us that after you have repented from sin, God remembers that sin no more (see Doctrine and Covenants 58:42). Even though God remembers them no more, we don’t. It can be painful to remember past mistakes, but instead of considering past guilt a burden, think of it as a reminder to do your best.

Elijah W., 17, Utah, USA

Christ’s Atonement—For You

When I think about my past sins, it’s easy to feel like I haven’t fully repented or that I don’t deserve God’s forgiveness. But it’s important to remember that Heavenly Father wants us to improve. He doesn’t want us to dwell on the past or carry guilt in our hearts forever. Heavenly Father gave us His Son, Jesus Christ, as a Savior so that we could repent and be made clean again through His Atonement.

Chloe W., 16, Arizona, USA

Turn Outward

You’d think that once you’ve repented, your problems and the thoughts of your mistakes would stop. But that’s not always true. Sometimes God keeps those feelings there so you can learn to overcome them. If you have sincerely repented but can’t seem to forget your mistakes, try turning outward, as Christ would, by serving those around you and sharing your testimony. It’ll help take your mind off your own shortcomings, and you’ll help someone else in the process.

Jacob W., 21, Utah, USA