Preparing for Your Endowment
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“Preparing for Your Endowment,” For the Strength of Youth, Oct. 2021.

Preparing for Your Endowment

Young adults share their experiences of how they prepared for and received their endowment in the temple.

Going to the temple to receive your endowment is a new experience for everyone. If you don’t know what to expect, it’s natural to be curious or even a little nervous. The more we prepare ourselves, the more we’ll be able to feel the Holy Ghost as we experience this sacred temple ordinance for the first time—and each time after.

If you haven’t received your endowment, you probably have questions—and it’s OK to ask them! The great news is that you can learn many of the answers before you go. (Some will have to wait until you are in the temple, and others you will continue learning about through a lifetime of temple attendance.)

We asked young adults around the world to answer some of the questions you may be nervous to ask—and some that you might not have thought of!

How did you feel as you went to the temple to receive your endowment? How do you feel when you go now?

For me, it was hard to recognize the Spirit because I was so focused on everything else that was going on. But every time I’ve been to the temple since, I’ve become more comfortable with the ceremony, and I’ve learned about the symbolism and importance of the covenants.

Johanna A., 21, Austria

I was surprised by how comfortable the endowment was. There were parts of the endowment session that were different than the way we worship at Church, but all of it had meaning. Now, I feel like I can focus easily on the Spirit. It’s quiet and there are no distractions, so I just take some time to be with God.

Luke E., 21, Alberta, Canada

Youth - Temples

Luke E.: Provo City Center Temple

Illustrations by Kahee Shin

What helped you feel prepared to receive your endowment?

What helped me understand the temple more was returning to the temple again. If you can, bring people you trust and love. When you’re in the celestial room after the session, you can sit with them and reverently talk about the questions you have and the things you are learning.

Hannah S., 21, Alberta, Canada

Hannah Stanford

Hannah S.: Cardston Alberta Temple

I looked up all the videos and pamphlets about the temple on the Church website. There are videos about temple clothing, garments, and what the endowment and celestial rooms look like. The Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple pamphlet also helped me feel more prepared.

Johanna A., 21, Austria


Johanna A.: Freiberg Germany Temple

I’ve always loved 2 Nephi 2 when it comes to understanding the temple ordinances. It clarifies the parts of the plan of salvation that I never understood before.

Zachary M., 21, Alberta, Canada

Youth - Temple

Zachary M.: Los Angeles California Temple

What would have helped you have a better first experience?

I didn’t know that I was going to learn so much in the endowment! I wish I had prepared more for the learning experience inside the temple by trying to learn more about the symbolism in the ordinances I was already familiar with.

Luke E., 21, Alberta, Canada

I wish I had known that there would be specific people inside the temple to help me for my first endowment session. They were amazing! They gave me a name tag to put on my shirt so everyone could see it was my first time, and people made me feel extra welcome when they saw that name tag. Knowing this earlier would have helped me feel more at ease.

Anna G., 24, Île-de-France, France

Anna Goreeba

Anna G.: London England Temple

What would you say to someone who’s worried about going through the temple to receive their endowment?

The house of the Lord is a wonderful place. I have been so blessed, and I would love all my family members to be part of this great blessing.

Vida G., 29, Greater Accra, Ghana

Youth - Temples

Vida G.: Accra Ghana Temple

I would encourage them to study conference talks and scriptures about the temple, ask questions, and be open about their concerns. The Rome Italy Temple open house video also clarified a lot for me. I watched it after I received my endowment.

Johanna A., 21, Austria

Prepare yourself spiritually before you go through the temple. I prayed to receive revelation during the endowment, to have an open mind, and to see with spiritual eyes. I knew I was prepared when I wanted to go through the temple to be closer to Heavenly Father, and not just out of curiosity.

Anna G., 24, Île-de-France, France

What has increased your understanding about the endowment?

Visiting the temple as often as I can helps me understand it better. Each time I leave the temple, I take time to ponder and pray about the new things I learned during that session.

Michelle L., 24, Ecuador

Youth - Temples

Michelle L.: Guayaquil Ecuador Temple

Remembering that everything in the temple ceremony points toward Christ has helped me understand the endowment better. Since I received my own endowment, I’ve read talks, studied the scriptures, and asked many questions.

Johanna A., 21, Austria

The Temple Is about Peace

The temple is the house of God, and He is happy that you’re there. You may have questions even after doing a few endowment sessions, and that’s OK! The important thing is to keep going to the temple with an open mind, a humble spirit, and a willingness to learn something new.