The Name of His Church
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“The Name of His Church,” For the Strength of Youth, Oct. 2021.

Line upon Line

The Name of His Church

There is meaning behind the name Jesus Christ gave His Church.

I Shall not Want

my church

Church—a group of people who believe the same things and worship together. This Church belongs to Jesus Christ. He started it. He leads it. It is His.

be called

Jesus Christ has told us what He wants people to call His Church. So that’s what we should call it—and what we should kindly ask others to call it. This name came from Jesus Christ.

last days

Last days—the days we live in; the time before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has brought His Church back to earth for this last time. It will help prepare the world for His Second Coming.

The Church of Jesus Christ

(See “my church.”) This is the first part of the name the Savior gave to His Church. He calls it “The Church” because He organized it. And He has put His name on it.


(See “last days.”) This is the next part of the Church’s name. It simply shows that this is the Church He brought back in these days, not the one He started in earlier times.


Saints—a word meaning “people who are holy.” This is the last part of the Church’s name. It is talking about the members of the Church. Jesus Christ can make us clean and pure. And He gives us the Holy Ghost to strengthen us as we try to do what He has commanded. If we have faith in Him and keep trying, He makes us holy. He makes us Saints.