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“Connect,” For the Strength of Youth, Sept. 2021, inside front cover.


Alora D.

19, Tennessee, USA

Face to Face: 150 Years of Young Women Celebration: Performers

My dad’s in the U.S. military, so we moved around a lot growing up. It was hard to be outgoing and make friends, and I thought being shy was my whole personality, like I was a painting with only one color.

Painting has helped me realize that I’m actually a very colorful person! I’m more reserved than other people, but there are so many other layers and pieces to my personality, like a full-color painting. Sometimes people are surprised by how colorful my paintings are, and I just tell them, “You need to get to know me!”

I’m still figuring out who I am and adding pieces to myself. In fact, I recently sang in the November 2020 Young Women Face to Face event. I know that when I do the simple things like read my scriptures and pray, it helps me learn about who I am and who Heavenly Father wants me to become.