Jesus Was Resurrected
September 2023

“Jesus Was Resurrected,” Friend, September 2023, 24–25.

Stories of Jesus

Jesus Was Resurrected

Remove this page and fold it in half. Then hold the picture up while you tell the story.

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The third day after Jesus Christ died, Mary Magdalene went to His tomb. The stone was rolled away. He was gone!

Mary started to cry. She thought someone had taken His body. Then she heard a voice behind her. A man said, “Woman, why weepest thou?”

Mary thought the man was the gardener. She asked where Jesus’s body was.

“Mary,” the voice said. This time Mary knew the man. It wasn’t the gardener. It was Jesus! He had been resurrected. He told Mary to tell the other disciples that He was alive again.

Jesus Christ lives today. Because of Him, all of us will be resurrected too.