Women of Faith
September 2023

“Women of Faith,” Friend, September 2023, 2–3.

From the First Presidency

Women of Faith

Adapted from “Teachings of Women,” Church News, Sept. 15, 2022 (video).

The most important teachers I’ve had in my life have been women. When I was young, my father died, and my mother became very ill when she was studying at a university. My grandmother was like another mother to me, even after my mother got better. Both of them taught me about the gospel, service, and family responsibilities. My faith in the Lord came almost entirely from them.

My wife June was also a wonderful companion and teacher for me. After June died, I married my wife Kristen. She has had a great influence in my life.

I will always be grateful for the faithful examples and teachings of these women.

All Are Needed

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How can you show respect for girls and women and for boys and men?