Meet Ami from Japan
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“Meet Ami from Japan,” Friend, January 2022

Helping Hands around the World

Meet Ami from Japan

Meet Primary children helping others, like Jesus did.

Youth - Japan

All about Ami

Meet Ami from Japan

Language: Japanese

Age: 10

Goals and Dreams: 1) Become an anime (animation) artist. 2) Practice baseball. 3) Read one chapter of the Book of Mormon each day.

Family: Mom, Dad, three brothers, and one sister

Ami’s Helping Hands


Ami lives in Okinawa, Japan. Because of COVID-19, lots of people there had trouble getting food. So Ami’s ward planned a food drive. She really wanted to help!

They all met at the Church building. They were careful as they worked. Ami wore a mask.

Ami put cardboard boxes together. When the boxes were full of food, she closed them so they could be taped shut. Ami kept thinking of how Jesus fed people with loaves and fishes. She was glad to help give food to hungry people like He did.

Ami’s Favorites

Meet Ami from Japan

Place: Baseball park

Story about Jesus: When He was born

Primary song: “I Am a Child of God” (Children’s Songbook, 2–3)

Food: Steak

Color: Emerald green

Subjects in school: Social studies and PE

Friend Magazine, 2022/01 Jan

Illustrations by Hannah Li