Before We Came to Earth
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“Before We Came to Earth,” Friend, January 2022

Scripture Stories

Before We Came to Earth

You can read this story in Abraham 3:22–27. Find a coloring page on page 48.

Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ

Before we were born, we lived in heaven with our Heavenly Father. He taught us about His plan of happiness.


Heavenly Father said we would come to earth to get bodies. We would learn and make choices. Sometimes we would make mistakes. We would need a Savior.

Soccer Ball

The Savior would show us how to live. And when we made a wrong choice, we would be able to repent.

Heavenly Father

Jesus said, “Here am I, send me.” Heavenly Father chose Him to be our Savior. Jesus promised to come to earth to save us.

Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ

I can follow Jesus. Someday I can go back and live with Heavenly Father.

Illustrations by Apryl Stott