Helping Like Jesus
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“Helping Like Jesus,” Friend, January 2022

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Helping Like Jesus


When I was in Primary, my brother was a toddler, and my sister was a baby. My mother was very busy taking care of them during the day, so when I came home from school, I helped her. I put my brother in the stroller and walked around the block with him, again and again. We talked about the beautiful world together and looked at the birds, bugs, and our neighbors’ pets. It was a small thing, but it made a big difference! It helped my mom feel happy and rested. It helped my whole family. It was a way of helping like Jesus wants us to help.

How Can You Help?


As Primary children, you can make a big difference with your small acts of kindness. When you use your helping hands to serve others, you are representing Jesus Christ. You are helping others feel His love.

Learn the stories of Jesus. Then ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?” There are people all around you who need help. Some of them are in your own home, or just across the street.

When you do simple things to help, the Holy Ghost will help you feel good inside. You will know that you did what Jesus would do.

It’s also important to accept help from others. When others help us, we can feel the Savior’s love for us too!

I love you! I know that Jesus Christ loves you! You will feel His love when you use your helping hands to serve others.

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