Matt and Mandy

“Matt and Mandy,” Friend, October 2017

Matt and Mandy

Friend Magazine 2017/10 Oct

Illustrations by Matt Sweeney

Ugh! I just don’t get this assignment. Why can’t I be more like Abby? She’s so smart. And everyone likes her.

Later …

Abby, are you OK?

I … It’s nothing. I’m fine.

You’re really lucky.

Me? Lucky? But you’re so smart, and you have lots of friends, and …

But not close friends like you do. And you always look so … happy. I wish I could be more like you.

Later, Mandy tells Mom about her day …

I wonder if it’s easier to see the good stuff in other people than in yourself. I think Abby and I both have a lot to be grateful for.