Ashlyn’s Family Tree

    “Ashlyn’s Family Tree,” Friend, October 2017

    Ashlyn’s Family Tree

    The author lives in Utah, USA.

    Ashlyn’s Family Tree

    Illustrations by Hector Borlasca

    Ashlyn was excited to show Grandma what she got in Primary.

    “Look, Grandma!” Ashlyn said. “It’s my tree.”

    Grandma smiled. “Your family tree,” she said.

    Ashlyn nodded. The tree had seven faces connected by lines. “Which one are you, Grandma?”

    Grandma pointed to the tree. “I’m here, and Grandpa is here. This one is your dad. We’re his parents.”

    “Who’s here?”Ashlyn asked.

    “Grandma and Grandpa Clark,” Grandma said. “They’re your mom’s parents.”

    “And this is me!” Ashlyn pointed to the picture at the bottom.

    “You’re right!” Grandma said.

    “But where are Jace and Maggie?” Ashlyn asked.

    “It doesn’t show brothers and sisters,” Grandma said.

    Ashlyn thought about that. Sometimes Maggie pulled Ashlyn’s hair. Sometimes Jace wanted to draw in her notebook. But Ashlyn was still glad to have them in her family.

    She drew two more faces next to her on her family tree.

    “I made it even better,” Ashlyn told Grandma. She pointed to where she had drawn Maggie and Jace.

    Grandma put her arm around Ashlyn. “I think you made a perfect family tree.”