Conference Quest!

    “Conference Quest!” Friend, October 2017


    Conference Quest!

    Funstuff: Conference Quest!

    Illustrations by Thomas S. Child and Adam Koford

    Here’s a fun game to play with your family during conference. Print or draw a copy of this activity for everybody. Fill in the empty spaces along the path with words from the list, or think of your own. When a speaker says the next word on your path, move a coin or bead forward. No skipping spaces!

    • Apostle

    • Blessings

    • Book of Mormon

    • Faith

    • Family

    • Hope

    • Joseph Smith

    • Kindness

    • Love

    • Prayer

    • Prophet

    • Service

    • Scriptures

    • Temple

    • Testimony

    CTR Shield

    Conference helps us choose the right. Make your own cool CTR shield!

    1. Use crayon to color the shield.

    2. Color over with black crayon as dark as you can.

    3. Use your fingernail or a coin to scrape a pattern.