Question Corner
April 2017

“Question Corner,” Friend, April 2017

Question Corner

If a neighbor asked you why you go to church, what would you say?

Question Corner

I would tell them I go to church because I believe in my religion, and church is fun.

Ephraim P., age 11, Sydney, Australia

Because I want to learn more about Jesus, and Jesus is important.

Charlotte N., age 5, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

I go to church because I believe in God and to learn about the gospel.

Trent M., age 10, Auckland, New Zealand

I go to church because it is amazing and has fun activities to help you learn about Christ. Also, I get a good feeling inside that tells me the Church is true. I would invite them to come to church with me too!

Eden F., age 11, California, USA

The Lord had a day of rest, and we need one too. On that day, we go to church and learn gospel principles that help us in life. Why not come to our church and try it out?

Madeline C., age 11, South Carolina, USA

Ingrid: I go to church because I love the Savior, and because I want to go back to live with Heavenly Father.

Lucca: I want to learn to not do bad things and to do good things.

Ingrid and Lucca S., ages 8 and 6, São Paulo, Brazil

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“Some nights I’m too tired to pray. Is it really that important? And do I need to pray in the morning too?”

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