Many Names of Jesus

    “Many Names of Jesus,” Friend, April 2017

    Many Names of Jesus

    Thoughtfully 72–80

    Friend Magazine, 2017/3 Apr

    Jesus said that He would be my Shepherd.

    Jesus said that I would be His lamb.

    He calms my fears with tender words of comfort,

    So when He calls, I gladly follow Him.

    Jesus is my Friend; He’s like no other.

    Jesus is the Son, the Bread of Life.

    With Him, I’m not afraid; He is my Brother.

    He knows my heart. He helps me choose the right.

    Jesus said that He would be my Savior.

    Jesus said that He would be my Light.

    He made the stars, the oceans—my Creator,

    Redeemer, Lord, the Way, the Truth, the Life.

    So many names of Jesus,

    So many ways to know Him,

    And every name means, “I love you.”

    The Prince of Peace, the King of Kings,

    Jesus Christ salvation brings.