Everybody Needs a Friend!

    “Everybody Needs a Friend!” Friend, April 2017


    Everybody Needs a Friend!

    Funstuff: Everybody Needs a Friend!

    Hello around the World

    One of the easiest ways to be kind is to smile and say “hello.” See if you can match the words for “hello” with the flags of countries where each language is spoken. Answers below.

    1. Hallå

    2. Olá

    3. Hallo

    4. Ciao

    5. Kamusta

    6. Konnichiwa

    7. Bonjour

    8. Hola

    • Germany

    • Brazil

    • Sweden

    • France

    • Mexico

    • Philippines

    • Italy

    • Japan

    Hey, I think we come from the same planet! Let’s be friends!

    Fútbol Fun

    Spencer’s friend Maria loves to play soccer, called fútbol where she’s from. Help Spencer and Maria reach the park so they can play!