Question Corner: Helping Grandpa

    “Question Corner: Helping Grandpa,” Friend, May 2016, 36

    Question Corner

    My grandpa has been so sad ever since Grandma died. How can I help him feel better?

    Question Corner

    I am in this situation right now. My grandma died last September. I think the best thing to do is to visit him a lot and talk to him. Invite him to your activities and get him involved in your life.

    Benjamin M., age 9, Virginia, USA

    You can help by talking to him about the plan of happiness. You could go somewhere, like to a museum or ride bikes. You could do a Church activity together. You could even read him an article from the Friend.

    Maddie C., age 8, Maryland, USA

    Two months ago my grandma died. I can try to help my grandpa be happy by mailing him pictures since he lives far away.

    Kadee J., age 9, Pennsylvania, USA

    My grandpa’s son just died. I can help him feel better by giving him lots of hugs. I can tell him I love him. I can give him a picture of his son because then he would remember that Bryant will be resurrected someday.

    June W., age 4, California, USA

    You can pray for him to have peace, and you can fill him with love. Spending time with him could help show how much you love him and are happy he is here.

    Jolie B., age 9, Arizona, USA

    Help your grandpa think about happy things about your grandma when she was alive. He can be looking forward to seeing your grandma again because of Jesus Christ.

    Jordan T., age 8, Pennsylvania, USA

    I think you should go over to your grandpa’s house once or twice a week so he can feel close to someone since his wife died.

    Kassy M., age 10, New York, USA

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