Bulletin Board

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“Bulletin Board,” Friend, May 2016, 32

Bulletin Board

Friend Magazine, 2016/05 May

Play Freeze Dance!

Pick one person to be the music master. That person picks songs to play, and everyone else dances to the music. When the music master pauses the song, everyone else freezes! Anyone who moves is out. The last person dancing becomes the new music master, or you can take turns if there is a tie. Download free, fun music at lds.org/youth/music.

God Gives Us Good Food

This is a turnip. Did you know that you can eat both the greens and bulb of a turnip? The top of the bulb turns a purplish color if it was in the sunlight while growing. If you find a bulb that looks yellowish and brown, it’s probably a related veggie called a rutabaga.

Ask Your Family

What is your earliest memory?

Temple Connection

Have you met Alex and Syri on page 18? This is a drawing of the temple that will be dedicated later this year in their home state of Pennsylvania, USA. Architects made the temple look like other historic buildings in the city of Philadelphia.

Cyber Strong

I will check with my parents before posting anything online.