Ammon Served

    “Ammon Served,” Friend, May 2016, 26

    Book of Mormon Hero

    Ammon Served

    Ammon Served

    Ammon was a son of Mosiah and a friend of Alma the Younger. Ammon and his friends went on a mission to teach the Lamanites about the gospel. He asked to be a servant to King Lamoni, a Lamanite king. He helped the other servants be brave, and he protected King Lamoni’s sheep. The king and many of his people were baptized because of Ammon’s example. How can you serve others?

    One day I was walking to my classroom, and I accidentally dropped some papers. As I bent to pick them up, another kid helped me. Then another day, a different classmate dropped papers. Remembering what someone did for me, I helped my classmate pick up the papers. I know service is good.

    Naomi O., age 11, Utah, USA

    I Can Serve!

    • Memorize Alma 17:11.

    • Do an act of service every day for a week.

    • Watch chapters 23–26 of the Book of Mormon stories at

    • I challenge myself to …