I Am Cyber Strong!
October 2015

“I Am Cyber Strong!” Friend, Oct. 2015, 47

I Am Cyber Strong!

Just like it’s important to practice good habits that keep your body strong—like eating right, exercising, and washing—it is important to practice healthy online habits too. When you are cyber strong, the things you do digitally bring you closer to Jesus Christ.

I find good things online.

I use uplifting websites and apps that could be described by the 13th article of faith. My family visits pages like friend.lds.org, children.lds.org, and other safe places to find stories, activities, pictures, and videos to enjoy and share with others.

I spend time away from screens.

It feels good to step away from electronics and focus on other happy things, like talking with family and friends and enjoying nature.

I have a turn-away plan.

Just like there are good things online, there are also bad things online that could hurt me. My family has a plan for turning away from bad media. I don’t have to be scared, because I am prepared!

  • If I see something online that feels wrong, I will …

  • If anyone asks for my personal information, I will …

  • If someone is being cyber-bullied, I will …

I Am Cyber Strong!